Regulated Markets

Built on the foundation of regulation first, Iforium sit at the forefront with our Gameflex™ casino platform.

Iforium are vastly experienced in meeting all software regulatory requirements and we strongly believe in regulatory compliance as one of our core strategy pillars. The Gameflex platform has been designed and built on the foundation of regulation first. This ensures we can solve the various regulatory challenges that operators face across multiple jurisdictions and regulatory bodies.

Our scalable and agile enterprise class technology allows us to make rapid changes to Gameflex to support existing and new regulatory requirements in Europe and beyond. Our dynamic software engineering approach ensures a high level of regulatory compliance is continually built into the Gameflex platform.

A core USP of Gameflex is the regulated market functionality that has been provisioned within the platform to support multiple jurisdictions and differing regulatory requirements. This includes Gameflex’s ability to handle multiple content providers for operators across areas such as player limits, session limits, stake limits, reality checks and onward connections to governmental verification and self-exclusion systems.

Our Licences

Iforium are licensed in multiple jurisdictions to support our operation and clients business objectives.