Next Generation eGaming Software

Welcome to Iforium, your Gateway to Gaming. We are a leading eGaming software development company focused on providing the next generation of flexible gaming solutions. Our multi-award winning platform can be rapidly deployed across the online gaming industry at all levels including in the emerging and regulated markets.

Gameflex™ is our innovative multi-vendor casino aggregation platform. It combines over 7,000+ desktop and mobile gaming titles from all the leading content providers with optional connections to our seamless bonus and loyalty engines. Gameflex can be integrated rapidly and seamlessly into any operator platform, wallet and front-end via our flexible suite of API’s.

Are you are an operator that seeks innovation, flexibility, scalability and values a true partnership approach? If so then we encourage you to contact us to request more information on Gameflex™, the industry leading casino platform.


Gateway to Gaming

Iforium’s leading Casino Aggregation Platform featuring 7,000+ Games, Seamless Bonus & Loyalty Engines & rapid integration.
Gaming Content

Connecting the Game

Iforium’s Gameflex casino platform is Connecting the Game. We deliver over 7,000+ games from 100+ content providers.
Regulation First

It’s a Partnership

Iforium are at the forefront of the regulatory revolution within the eGaming industry with our flexible and scalable Gameflex platform.
Mobile Innovation

Any Game, Anywhere

Mobilise your casino offering with Iforium’s innovative Gameflex multi-vendor casino platform for mobile & tablet devices.
Bonus Engine

The Heartbeat

Gameflex delivers a flexible and seamless bonus engine inclusive of multiple bonus programs and full free spins functionality.